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Rapid Recovery Hip and Knee Replacement

Rapid Recovery Hip and Knee Replacement

Over the course of the past 20 years of performing hip and knee replacement, I have worked to make the recovery process after surgery easier and quicker. This has included changes made in the way the surgery is performed, the way anesthesia is administered, and therapy protocols used after surgery. The end result of this is that most patients can return home within 24 hours of surgery and recover at home with the help of a visiting physical therapist. By 2 weeks after surgery, most patients are able to drive and walk without a walker or cane. By 6 weeks after surgery, most patients are able to return to most activities.

Complex Hip and Knee Revision Surgery

Complex Hip and Knee Revision Surgery

As the population ages and people desire to remain very active during their later years, the rate of hip and knee replacements has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. This trend is expected to increase. As we perform more hip and knee replacements in younger patients, some of those patients will require additional surgery to address issues including wear of the prosthesis, instability of the joint, fractures, and infections. I completed a fellowship in hip and knee reconstruction in 2007 and for the past 15 years have specialized in hip and knee replacement and in treating patients with needs for complex revision surgery.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Also known as D.A.S.H. (Direct anterior surgery of the hip), anterior hip replacement involves replacing the hip through a small incision in the front of the hip without cutting muscle and preserving the large muscles on the side and back of the hip. This results in allowing patients to fully weight bear with no range of motion restrictions after surgery and the end result is for patients to get back to an active, healthy lifestyle quicker.



Throughout my 15 year career I have taken care of a wide range of fractures in patients ranging from children to the elderly. I was an engineer before going to medical school and this background has helped me understand the forces involved in orthopedic injuries and how best to address these issues in helping patients recover as quickly as possible.


Dr. Hoffman is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who takes great satisfaction in providing the best orthopedic care possible. Dr. Hoffman specializes in direct anterior hip replacement, rapid recovery hip and knee replacement, complex hip and knee revision surgery, and trauma.

He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys traveling and helping those in developing countries as part of Operation Walk. In his spare time, you will see him enjoying the outdoors with his wife and 10 children.

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    Dr. Hoffman has a strong passion to help those in need. He is frequently taking time for medical missions and serves those in other countries who need help but can’t afford surgery.


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